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" she whispered as she put her hand on his shoulder. Edward blushed furiously and ran into one of the stalls in the bathroom, tears running down his face. ""James Hunter took my clothes," Edward whispered."Let me get you a towel, Cullen," Mr. He swiped a towel and tossed it to Edward in the stall. The thought of other boy's germs on his body made his sick to his stomach. Edward pulled on the disgusting uniform and went back to his locker. After that fateful day in seventh grade, the administration never made the students shower after PE. His hazel eyes were glaring at his annoyingly smart younger brother. Edward clung to his too small towel and glared at James. Edward curled up and reached blindly for anything to cover himself. " James grabbed all of Edward clothes from his locker and darted out of the locker room. Clapp said sternly."I can't, Coach," Edward said in a broken voice."Why not? After he stopped by the office and calling his mom for new clothes. " Alice screeched."Alice, I hate speaking publicly," Edward said in his silken voice. She bounced on her toes, making her cheerleading skirt bounce along with it. I'm just the nerd they teased all through school.""Edward, you are not a nerd," Alice said as she put her hands on her hips."Alice, half of my classes are college level courses. "If gave a speech, I'd probably get so nervous that I'd vomit on the podium.""Puke, Edward. "I refuse to use the vernacular.""What the fuck are you talking about, Eddie? He had grown and was nearly the size of the Sears Tower. He also earned acceptance into MIT with a full ride scholarship. The program at MIT offered the opportunity and Edward was going to take it. Classically trained in piano and self taught in bassoon, oboe, guitar and mandolin. Edward flipped the lock to his room and padded to his piano. He pleaded with his parents to let him get an apartment, but Carlisle, Edward's father was adamant that Edward live in the dorms. Oh right, Carlisle wanted Edward to have the FULL college experience. Something he could do from the privacy of his own home. He had requested a single but his request had been denied. " Esme asked as she ruffled Edward's hair."Sure, Mom," Edward said with an appropriate bright smile."You better be excited, Edward," Carlisle said gruffly behind him."Of course, Father," Edward said with a smile.

Get a feel for which one best meets your needs and get out there to do some dating. He wanted to major in computer technology and computer programming. Edward followed his mother up the stairs to his dorm room. But nervous.""Man up," Carlisle said as he breezed past his son. But his shyness and inability to have a spine pissed him off. It was hateful that the teachers made them do that. ""Leave me alone, Hunter," Edward said as his voice cracked."Ha! Let's see if he can get it up," James roared as he tugged forcefully on Edward's towel, exposing his naked, 7th grade body. Halfway through the next period, Edward was excused and he went to his next class. Epitome of nerd," Edward said as he waved his hand over his tousled hair. "I just want to disappear." He looked up at his sister, gazing into her hazel eyes. It was PE and all of the classes were required to shower. "Tell me what happened."Edward blew out a breath and recalled the entire sordid tale of James and his sick fascination with seeing Edward naked. Clapp's face grew redder and redder as Edward explained what happened.

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